It was May 2014, and I (Anna) had planned a surprise trip for Gregg to California and then Oregon. We would start off in LA, travel all the way up the west coast on HWY 1 and end in Medford Oregon where a best friend of Gregg's from college, Jason Wilson, had recently moved. We camped at every stop we made. Little did I know this trip would soon turn its tide. Day two we woke up in Pismo Beach California. After showering, we made our way out onto the sandy dunes past the trees to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time (my first time). After taking in the glory of being farther away from home than I had ever been, we went to the pier. The quaint town of Pismo is my favorite. We watched local surfers ride waves, walked the beach and town, then stopped in at Splash Cafe. Here we got some of Gregg's favorite clam chowder. It was the best I have ever had. From there we got gas so we could head to Big Sur. Big Sur was breathtaking. It was even more quaint than Pismo Beach. Here we parked at a the top of ragged point, made sandwiches, and ate before embarking on a hike. Ragged point is just that, ragged and steep. The top of the fifty foot descending cliff side is filled with trees that open out into bushes, which then dwindle down into rocks, that then turn into boulders that meet the ocean. There are also huge boulders  that make a waterfall about fifteen feet above. The view out ahead is the ocean meeting the sky as far as you can see. After hiking all the way down, sweating, and hot, I find a place to rest and snack. Gregg who I assume is wandering around exploring, makes his way over to the rock I am sitting on. I am looking out into the ocean asking him if he thinks the large figures out in the ocean are whales or not. Disinterested in my whale watching, Gregg is down on his knee in front on me. Im still oblivious. Finally my attention is caught when I see a big sparkly ring looking back at me. Gregg begins to tell me sweet endearments. Meanwhile, I have a million things going through my head trying to figure out if this man is really wanting to spend the rest of his life with me, when he bought the ring (because I didn't know he was looking for rings), when he asked my dad for my hand, and how did I not see this coming?  Any who, I said yes. Of course. The shock lasted all day. We climbed to the top of the waterfall in our victory. We then made the big hike back up Ragged Point. We started calling friends and family immediately. To my surprise, they all knew! We then made our way up to the Red Woods Forest. We pitched our tent among the huge red trees towering above us. Once our campsite was finished, we went to Pfeiffer State Beach to catch the most beautiful sunset. My first one ever on the west coast horizon. When the sun was finally set  we returned to our campsite with our hearts full and continued celebrating under the open stars next to our campfire. We did this while still chatting with family and friends who showered us with love until it was time for bed. Needless to say my first trip to California was unforgettable.