UNLOCKING THE MAGIC RETREAT - International Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Join me in this beautiful handcrafted artisan getaway that is the dream come true of humanitarian, Maryam Montague's, vision and love of Morocco. Your stay at Peacock Pavilions during our Unlocking the Magic Retreat will fund  Project Soar, Peacock Pavilions' nonprofit Project Soar, which supports the education of underprivileged Moroccan girls through arts and fitness workshops and community building. Peacock Pavilions donates 10% of all profits from the hotel and its Souk as well as its facilities to Project Soar, which is rapidly extending its curriculum and personnel to villages throughout Morocco.


Our Journey

March 24-30, 2018


What your trip includes with your full immersion into Morocco

Six nights, seven days in beautiful Peacock Pavilion Retreat Center located on a vineyard 30 minutes outside the city heart of Marrakech in Morocco. Nestled in an old olive grove with a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains, Peacock Pavilons is an 8.5 acre private estate. The hotel features a pool, outdoor gym, outdoor cinema, yoga/activities pavilion, and a painted dining tent designed around relaxing in a luxurious space.

Our meals each day will be vegetarian or vegan  prepared the old fashion way – made from scratch.  Each daily menu is farm-to-table authentic Moroccan cuisine with a twist featuring local, fresh ingredients, some from their own gardens.

Each morning we will wake up and dive straight into our practice of yoga and meditation. These practices are meant to serve as vehicles to awaken the inner untouched wealth of happiness, peace, and wholeness + much more that is the natural state of the soul. 

Various workshops will be held to equip each person with the knowledge and experience on how to serve their hearts and personal magic. These workshops include essential oils, manifesting, dreams + visions, Prema Breathwork, Inversions, + more! 

By giving ourselves opportunities to connect with other kindred souls in these immersions, in new places with new people, we are creating a heartfelt family that becomes a community that lasts a lifetime. 

My husband Gregg and I will be holding space to dive into our hearts' darkest spaces together,  to uncover what may be hiding, to shed light on what can seem to be some of the most scary and challenging places in our lives. In this safe space we create together, we will  unlock the magic that happens when healing, intention, healthy lifestyle choices, and community come together. 

Everything is optional! This retreat is arranged so that each person can do as much or as little as they want based on each person’s needs each day! This trip is all about learning to tap into ourselves in a deeper way, unlocking our personal magic by learning to listen to our hearts, minds, and bodies, and how to take what we learn and integrate into our everyday lives for greater fulfillment and happiness. 

With your trip comes the opportunity to explore the surrounding area of Marrakech. This immersion includes transportation into the market for shopping, dining, excursions( including  a UNESCO world heritage site), etc.  Each guest, on top of having planned excursions, will have the opportunity to plan and customize their trip with additional personal tours according to their adventurous heart. . 

Our  kindred family will be given the amazing opportunity to travel to a local organic farm where we will tour the grounds and learn how to integrate healthy and sustainable practices into our own life. We will be transported to the farm where we will be picking our food and learning to cook traditional cuisine that we all get to indulge in at the end of the evening! 

Rituals, fire ceremonies, sharing circles, thought provoking conversations + many more exciting details are included in this magic immersion of Morocco that we are leaving to surprise!

I would love to have you in this incredible healing and rejuvenating space with us. If this is once in a lifetime experience is a yes for you, amazing!


Trip Total - $2,897.00 pays for

  •        Limited to 10 guests as this retreat is built around intimacy and transformation
  •        Two people will share a bungalow sweet or dome unless you prefer a private room, which can be arranged! (We will match profiles to who we think best would fit together closer to time)
  •        7 Days/6 Nights (March 24-30)
  •        Transportation to and from the airport   
  •        Three healthy vegetarian or vegan meals every day
  •        Yoga every day with Anna 
  •        Guided Mediations every day
  •        Various workshops every day (essentials oils, manifestation, intro to altar, wound healing, inversions- are a few examples),
  •        Fire ceremonies
  •        Sharing circles
  •         Prema breath work
  •         Pool side Henna party (with cocktails if preferred)
  •         Massages
  •        Organic cooking classes - This class will be on a farm where we will have the pleasure of   picking everything we will be eating
  •       Trips/Excursions and transportation into the local markets
  •        Free time every day to relax by the pool and grounds
  •        Time to explore magical Marrakech
  •        Guided excursions to destination sites and locations + more! 
  •        The knowledge and tools required it takes to integrate a holistic and healthy wellness lifestyle into "everyday" life. 

Please message us at divinedanceyoga@yahoo.com for an "Interest letter" for more details on payment plans, flight interary / transportation and a little deeper look into our journey into the sacred lands of Morocco!

Not Included in your trip total cost:

  • Airfare
  • Spending money for markets and shopping
  • Travelers Insurance

Payment Schedule:

  • $500 Non-fundable deposit due as soon as possible to hold your spot( this deposit will be put toward your trip total cost) 
  • $1,199.00 due three months before the trip by December 1, 2017
  • $1,199.00 (the remaining balance) is due one month before the trip on February 20, 2018. 

Payment plans  are available and can be set up to each persons financial needs.

Secure your spot with us to your Moroccan magic adventure by leaving a depsoit. CLICK "Add to Cart" here!

Special Offer: Trip total for people who sign up in pairs is $5,000.00 ($2,500.00 each) saving each person about 14%. SO if you have a friend or significant other that wants to tag along, great! 

For more details or questions please email divinedanceyoga@yahoo.com

Why Morocco?

I remember sitting in one of my best friends, Lindsay’s dorm room, in what had to have been 2010. I had driven up to stay with her for the weekend. She lived about two hours north of where I was in College and we decided to stay in and watch a movie. She suggested “Almost Famous”. I had never seen it and she said I would love it.

I fell in love with it immediately. I mean come on, who can’t fall in love with rock and roll, road trips, and Kate Hudson naked, drinking champagne?

So this movie has been my favorite for years. Penny Lane is the perfect mix between living with one foot in dream world and one foot in reality..which is how this world can feel when we start tapping into the magic all around us.

Morocco had been in my subconscious for all these years thanks to Penny Lane.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, do yourself a favor and go watch it! Listen for Morocco.

Then Peacock Pavilions, a humanitarian owned retreat center located in Marrakeck in a world where tradition, art, cusine, prayer, and many mystical times come together, messages me. They tell me that they like what I am doing and would love to work with me. (OMG!!)

This time last year, I began to email and reach out to different retreat centers in different locations to begin to set up the workings of retreats for this year. None of them took. The places I had reached out to  either didn’t respond, or didn’t seem to care much about what I was looking to do.

Then, finally, Peacock Pavilions, someone who wants to work with me and have my vision of an experience come to life was here in my lap. So, it’s all happening.

If you watch “Almost Famous”, when Penny Lane requests a seat by the window, think of it as a reminder form the universe to get a seat next to the window of your life, of your heart, and dream big.  We are soul bound to Morocco.